Driven by demand from specialist physician membership, TMA Specialty Services is the second company developed by the TMA to support independent physicians in value-based care. TMA PracticeEdge, a joint venture of the TMA and Health Care Services Corporation, was launched to focus on the unique needs of the primary care physician market. In just three short years, our sister company supported the successful development of 15 physician-owned ACOs across the state of Texas.

TMA Specialty Services began operations in January 2018 in a collaboration to bring scale to a physician-developed clinical data for colorectal surgeons.  This was followed by the development and operationalization of a data warehouse in March 2018 to support several hundred physicians in an independent multi-specialty network in north Texas. Today, TMA Specialty Services’ warehouse includes a relational database that combines clinical and cost data from several thousand specialty physicians. The company is working across the State of Texas to develop multi-specialty and single specialty vertical networks of specialists seeking scale benefits to remain independent.